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  1. Tropic Breeze - Portable Misting Fan
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Bring Your Cool-Off With You!

Always sensitive to customer requests, Cool-Off now offers a complete line of Portable Misting Fans that provide customized solutions to specific needs. Portability, also referred to as Spot Cooling, is a highly sought after chilling remedy for heat stress in every setting imaginable. 

The features common to all portables include:

- Ease-of-Mobility
- Stainless Steel Misting Rings
- 90 degree Oscillation
- 3 Speed Fans
- Self-Contained Water Tank
And of course, Incredible Cooling Power!

Imagine sitting down in your favorite chaise lounge or around your new outdoor dining table under an umbrella and feeling the relief a tropical breeze going back and forth, bring down the temperature to that of a springtime morning. Remember all the money you spent on key features of the pool area or patio? You will be more motivated to enjoy them and spend more time just relaxing in your personal haven.

Now imagine as the taxi drops you off at check-in of your favorite resort on a 90 degree, humid afternoon, after a long flight to your fantasy destination. As you walk to Check-In, you feel a chilling misty breeze that takes the anxiety out of waiting your turn in line. Then, after the first twenty minutes on the tennis court you sit down under an umbrella and let a blast of arctic air hit you directly without leaving any residual moisture. Yes, it is going to be a great vacation!

Back at home, your mechanic is hard at work in the boiler room fixing a couple of issues that activated your check-engine light. He wipes his brow and smiles, delighted that the room is only 90 degrees instead of the normal 120. Now he finishes the job in just an hour instead of taking three breaks from heat exhaustion. Simply by unplugging the electrical cord he rolls the unit on to his next assignment. Wherever and whenever heat stress relief is critical, our portable misting fans are the perfect solution. If a power outlet is not available, a simple gas powered generator is the travelers companion and you can expect 4-8 hours of cooling from a single water tank fill up.

Water parks and amusement parks find these portable coolers just the ticket for chilling customers who are queued up for rides or to just to have as “Cooling Stations” throughout their properties. Many venues use them in emergency situations where intense chilling is required to relieve heat exhaustion. For the budget minded, such as summer camps, soccer programs, or at the finish lines of marathons, a couple of Mid Pressure Portable Misting Fans can do the trick. Not quite as chilling as a high pressure unit, they still provide significant cooling relief when the need is not as critical.

There are also special situations that call for a special type of Portable Fan... Explosion Proof Fans!  For example, there are some industries such as Oil Rigs & Refining Operations, Grain Processing & Flour Mills, or anywhere that a spark can lead to an explosive disaster where a unit suitable for hazardous conditions is imperative. For these requirements we offer our Explosion Proof Portable Misting Fans which are suitable for Class 1, Group D, Div 2 Hazardous Locations

Workers in the worst heat and humidity can enjoy temperature reductions of 20-25 degrees without the worry of an explosive catastrophe. Offering the flexibility to cool multiple zones or spot cooling, our Explosion Proof Portables have a pump that is built into a sealed box with fire retardant foam with 100% enclosed wiring on the fan unit. This is the perfect heat stress solution for Petroleum, Military, Paper Mills, and otherwise potentially explosive situations.

From the most upscale and luxurious settings to the most industrial, our Portable Misting Fans are the perfectly chilled answers to your heat and humidity needs.

Choose from one of our high pressure portable misting fans or upgrade to timer operated unit for an additional fee.

Each one of these portable misting systems comes completely assembled. Just unlock the folding handles, fill with water and plug the portable mister into a power source or run it off a generator. Portable Misting Fans Include:

  • Patented individually valved nozzles for easy mist regulation. No more spitting waterfalls!
  • 10 gallon water tank (self-contained)
  • Robust construction and an aircraft aluminum frame ensures long-lasting use for indoors or outdoors.
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