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  1. Jardinico Centerpost Crank Lift 15' Octagon Patio Umbrella JCP.201
    Lead time: Umbrellas are custom made and all sales are final and cannot be returned (8 - 12 weeks to delivery)
  2. Jardinico Giant Sidepost Crank Lift Patio Umbrella JCP.401
    Lead time: Umbrellas are custom made and all sales are final and cannot be returned (8 - 14 weeks to delivery)
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Belgian Shade Design

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Jardinico umbrellas is a high end patio umbrella company that is based in Belgium. They regularly present their beautiful, world-class patio umbrella products in conventions held in locations such as Las Vegas and Singapore. They are used in fabulous high-end restaurants and resorts all over the world including:

  • La Bruxelloise, Paris, France

  • Wittamer, Brussels, Belgium

  • East Hotel, Sugar Bar, Hong Kong

  • W Retreat & Spa, Maledives

  • Grand Palladium Lady Hamilton, Jamaica

  • Berjaya Hotel, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

  • Age-Hassim Hill, Singapore

  • Mercure Hotel Harbourside, Carens, Australia

  • Royalton Hotel Riviera Cancun, Mexico

When the summer months hit, spending time outdoors can be a challenge. Though everyone loves relaxing by an outdoor pool or garden, the glare from the hot sun can really take a toll. What’s the answer? 

When you want real relief from the hot rays of the sun, a quality patio umbrella is a great solution. A beautifully constructed patio umbrella, made in sturdy, good looking canvas with a movable metal base is an incredible way to keep an outdoor environment cool and comfortable. Jardinico umbrellas offer good looks, durability and great style for those who want real shade without the hassle of a tough setup. Jardinico umbrellas come in a variety of styles, and they are known for their versatility and good looks. 

A push lift umbrella with a center post in an octagonal shape is a great choice, adding shade to a wide area. Jardinico umbrellas are also available in a crank lift style, with a center or side post. Each of these styles offers something special, and each can work spectacularly in a particular setting, on a deck, pool area or patio. 

These canvas shades are as durable as they are elegant, and they come in a choice of neutral colors that look wonderful in a gorgeous poolside or garden setting. 

If you’ve been looking for a solution for your summer sunshine situation, consider a patio umbrella from Jardinico. These beautiful shades look elegant in every setting, and are easy to set up and enjoy.

These umbrellas are not only beautiful to behold, but are great protection from the sun and heat and can add value to any outdoor space, commercial or private. These patio umbrellas have sleek lines and slim stature, giving them an elegant feel. Jardinico umbrella's design is unmatched, and their unique one-hand twist opening is a technical marvel. They are also incredibly sturdy and will last for years, making them the perfect accessory to put a classy finishing touch on your outdoor space. 

No detail of these umbrella's production is left in doubt. All of the different shade styles are manufactured by Jardinico in Belgium from the finest aluminum alloys. The company takes pride in being a totally vertical operation; over 90% of the components used in their products are manufactured from scratch, start to finish, at their factory. This ensures that they can personally monitor every phase of production and maintain an extremely consistent level of quality. That's why Jardinico offers a five-year warranty. This warranty covers specific parts including: the mast, head fitting, boom, center pole, elbow, stainless steel hardware, and the top and bottom hubs. 

For the fabric, Jardinico partners with Sunbrella fabrics for their patio umbrellas. They come in four neutral shades to fit your style, including carbon beige, dark taupe, grey chine, and white. Sunbrella offers a five-year warranty on these fabrics as well. Visit www.sunbrella.com/warranty for more details. 

The finishes used on Jardinico products are also covered under a one-year warranty. These finishes come in both charcoal and silver anodized options. If within the first year the powder coat on the frame bubbles, peels, loses color, or flakes, Jardinico will re-finish or replace the defective base. Things not covered by warranty include acts of nature such as wind damage, normal wear and tear expected over time, and failures caused by abusive use or lack of proper care are not covered by warranty. It is a good idea to clean frames regularly on umbrellas that are exposed to sea salt or chlorine on a regular basis in order to prevent finish failure, and a voided warranty. 

All outdoor projects can be enhanced by a stylish patio umbrella. Jardinico umbrellas come in four main styles: center post push-up, center post crank-lift, side post crank lift, and giant side post crank lift. The center post push-up comes in a 7.5 foot square and a 9 foot hexagon style. The center-post crank lift umbrella is 15 feet wide and comes in an octagon shape. The side-post crank lift comes in a 10 foot square or an 11.5 foot octagon option. The giant side-post crank lift comes in a 10 by 14 foot rectangle or a 13 foot octagon. All of these umbrellas are available with a portable base option, with high quality wheels finished to match your umbrella's frame. These bases are 100 lbs to help hold your umbrella in place even in windy conditions and have locking wheels for added safety. 

The Belgian company Jardinico proudly manufactures sturdy yet elegant patio umbrellas to fit all of your needs. Beat the heat with Jardinico. Place your order today.

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