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Misting Systems - The Outdoor Air Conditioner

Misting System - Las Vegas

Innovating the outdoors, Cool-Off™ fuses the effectiveness of high pressure misting systems with the convenience of your Apple or Android device.

We are here to help you stay cool with the best misting system for your evaporative cooling needs in the hot summer months. Our consultants are accustomed to working with architects, engineers, builders, and homeowners to choose the right misting pumps and line for their patio.

To get a better idea of what would be your best choice please read on for the different types of misting systems and their various applications. As you explore our portable systems to our Mega Mist System keep in mind we are here to help you or answer any questions you may have.





Key to proper cooling for any patio misting system is;

Choose the right size misting system pump to work with the number of nozzles being used. 

If the patio misting pump is too small:

it will not adequately activate the nozzles, leaving wet spots all over your patio.

If the patio misting pump is too large:

it will tend to recycle water because the nozzles cannot utilize all the pump flow. 

Over time this will heat up and wear out the O-rings and other internal parts. This eventually leads to the pump breaking down. This is very easy to prevent by simply buying the right pump for your misting systems.

We Offer 4 High Pressure Pumps to Cover Almost Any Patio

Our smallest misting system pump offers 1/8th GPM and the largest is 2.9 GPM for a massive patio.

This covers the full range of 4 to 140 points of mist. Of course, larger pumps are available for unique projects. Our standard mist kits come with 10, 20, 40, 80 or 140 nozzles. Call or email for a custom quote.

Now be prepared to Shift the Climate with our best patio misting systems, boasting an incredible 350’ of cooling and a variety of 140  nozzles at .006" or .008" to create the high pressure misting system experience of ultimate cooling power.

These high pressure misting systems are used at many restaurants and other businesses around the world as they get the job done and attract foot traffic and new customers into their business.

Our customers have been loyal to our brand and our flagship products for years. It is with your vision and ours that we create unheard of solutions to help create the experience you desire. 


How much water do patio misting systems require? This is highly consequential to be aware of! Water usage of a misting system simply depends on the type of system used, but it is estimated that between 600 ml and 800 ml of water is used approximately per minute. In order to estimate water use of a misting system, there are three things you need to know:

  • Type of nozzle
  • Number of nozzles
  • Frequency of use
  • Water pressure of the system


The amount of water used by your misting system also depends on the number of nozzles. The number you'll need is determined by several factors such as the water pressure, flow rate at the spigot, size of the pipes that are delivering the water to misting nozzles.

In order to create a cooling mist, the size of the mist nozzle opening, or orifice, is balanced by the system's water pressure and flow rate.

As a general rule of thumb, larger nozzles should be used with low and medium pressure systems and smaller nozzles should be used with high pressure patio misting systems.

Sending fine mist will turn out to be a problem if you select a nozzle of smaller size; this is because the pump won't be able to send a sufficient amount of water through the nozzle and vice versa.

It is not a matter of "more is better", what matters most is that the misting system is balanced.

Mid Pressure Mist Nozzle

  • .012" / .3 mm - This nozzle provides many benefits including minimal moisture, and complete evaporation, suggested for both open and enclosed area mist relief.

High Pressure Mist Nozzle

  • .008" / .2 mm - Perfect for systems using less water capacity with small droplet size, minimal moisture, and complete evaporation. Recommended for dry climate misting systems.
  • .006" / .15 mm –It provides similar results to the .008" nozzle to help you stay cool all summer long. Recommended for more humid climate misting systems.

Our patio misting systems are easy to install, provide summer long relief from the excessive heat of those summer months and above all, we stand behind our misting systems.

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