25’ Stainless Steel High Pressure Misting System Kit w/remote - (15 Misting Nozzles)

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*New for Summer of 2022!

Stainless Steel High Pressure Misting Systems are the best looking and most effective way customize any patio misting project. Simply connect the high pressure misting system pump to your water source, attach the cushion clamps around the stainless steel cut every 20" and insert each Misting Nozzle. Choose between our two misting system nozzles which produce a beautiful light fog (.004" for ultra humid areas, .006 for humid areas or .008 for desert areas) for most applications.

Many people considering costs consider purchasing low and medium pressure misting systems against a high pressure misting system. High pressure misting systems are the ones that provide the best cooling effect. They are definitely the most preferred misting systems for those who live in arid and humid regions. The cooling effect of the high pressure system works for both arid and humid climates. There is a greater cooling effect experienced in arid climates; however, low and medium pressure misting systems are not very effective in humid areas. This makes high pressure misting systems desirable in both dry and humid areas. 

Each 25' stainless steel high pressure misting system kit includes:

  • High pressure misting system pump module (1000 PSI High Pressure w/remote clicker)
  • 50' of 1/4" outport lead line tubing (black or white color)
  • 25' of stainless steel (20" spacing) (14) pieces 
  • Sediment & Scale Filtration with Inlet feeder hoses 
  • (14) Misting Tee Nozzles and (1) End Cap fitting with Nozzle. Choose from 2 different sizes depending on humidity and scope of project) Choices include: .004", .006"or .008" nozzle orifice
  • All necessary hardware to install misting system: Accessories Include - (15) Premium Cool-Off Stainless Steel Misting Nozzles, 1/4" Rubberized Mounting Clamps, (3) Slip-Lock Elbows, (1) Slip-Lock Union (1) End Plug w/Nozzle Port, (1) 1/4” Slip Disconnect Outport Fitting.
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