80’ High Pressure Misting System Kit w/App Control Pump - (40 Misting Nozzles)

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High Pressure Misting Systems are the easiest way to customize any patio misting project. Simply connect the high pressure misting system pump to your water source, attach the nylon 12 tubing using the cushion clamps, and use the tube cutters to cut and insert each Micro-Whirl Misting Nozzle exactly where you want the mist. Choose between our two misting system nozzles which produce a beautiful light fog (.006 for humid areas or .008 for desert areas) for most applications.

If you’re ready to shift the climate this summer, simply use our easy drop down menu to select the proper size misting nozzle. Keep in mind that typically misting system nozzles are spaced about 18-24 inches apart in hot/ dry climates, and 24-36 inches in hot/humid areas.

Two popular trends in home renovation call for high pressure systems: finding effective and greener ways to cool down living environments and using the outdoors as a means of extending the home’s usage. HP misting systems are the type of misting system most commonly seen at theme parks and resorts. They are highly effective in areas with extreme heat. 

A mist system uses a pump to apply mist to the air. Using high pressure water, the water quickly disperses into the air, which is described as “flash evaporation”. This means that people can enjoy sitting near an area with a high pressure misting system and not become soaking wet. The effect expediently cools off the air keeping the area outside cool. The effect of cooling off the air can make it feel as much as 30 degrees, Fahrenheit, than what the temperature really is. 

With an outdoor HP misting system, people can entertain their guests on the hottest of days. Imagine taking refuge in the backyard to escape the summer heat. A HP misting system works best in arid areas. Because the water evaporates quickly, this acts as a cooling method. In areas with high humidity, the evaporative effect is less; however, the air is still significantly cooled. 

Medium and low pressure systems aren’t as effective at cooling the outside air. Areas with high heat need high pressure systems. Areas that are humid stand to benefit from high pressure systems more than medium and low pressure systems because low and medium may not be effective combating the heat. 

There are several “misting" systems on the market that do not provide mist. The more pressure there is in a misting system, the tinier the droplets of water are, which is what create the evaporative-cooling effect. If a system does not have any pressure to force the water out, it will drip everywhere and cause everything to be wet.

Cooling off the outdoor air around the home can help to lower the temperature within the home as well. High pressure misting systems are the perfect answer to reducing heat in a natural way. Enjoy the outdoors, and watch the smart investment of a high pressure misting system, literally, pay off.

Each 80' high pressure flexible misting system kit includes:

  • High pressure misting system pump module (1000 PSI High Pressure Premium Edition Remote Control Pump)
  • 150' of Nylon 11 tubing (choice of color).   *50' Nylon tubing included when upgrading to stainless steel tubing*
  • Filtration system (nline Hexa Phosphate Filter & Feeder Hoses)
  • (40) Misting Tee Nozzles (Choose from 2 different sizes depending on humidity and scope of project) Choices include: .006"or .008" nozzle orifice
  • All necessary hardware to install complete misting system (Tube Cutters, Rubber Mounting Clamps, Nickel Plated Slip-Lock Fittings and Plugs)
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Leadtime "Don't Miss Out! $300 Off + Ships in 24 Hours – Limited Supplies, Maximum Savings!"
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