Mid Pressure Misting System Kit

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The Mid Pressure Nylon Misting System Kit is the ultimate way to design a custom misting system that fit's your lifestyle. The (DIY) Mid Pressure Kit also allows the end user to incorporate misting fans as well, which appeals to many homeowners trying to combine a misting system along the perimeter while placing stylish misting fans in the corners. Each one of these kits come with the misting industries newest and exciting booster pump, capable of powering up to (24) .012" misting nozzles. In doing so, we've created the ideal outdoor cooling solution for customers seeking high performance at an affordable price.

Each fully enclosed 200 PSI Booster Pump by Cool-Off incorporates upscale features such as a inlet solenoid valve & low pressure shut off switch, usually found only on high pressure pumps and combines them with a weatherproof hard plastic mold capable of withstanding heat, wind, rain, hail and snow. Since many people choose to use the water source closest to their patio, our engineers designed it to be small, powerful and most importantly whisper quiet. All Booster Pumps also come equipped with a built in wall mount on the back of every unit so your pump finally doesn't have to sit on the ground, extending the life of your investment.

Set up is easy, just attach the pump unit & filter to your water source and insert the nylon tubing. Then simply cut the tubing with the provided cutters and insert our easy to use push lock misting tees while attaching the provided cushion clamps every 3-4 feet. Finally turn on the water and kick up your feet!

If you’re ready to shift the climate this summer and enjoy (DIY) projects this is the kit for you!

Reasons To Buy A Misting System

The Mid Pressure Misting Kit is a custom system that provides cool air in commercial and residential locations. Users can easily incorporate various fans on a hot summer day. Many creative homeowners use this particular system because they can place different fans is specific spots while keeping the system on the perimeter. 

Every kit includes several misting nozzles and a powerful booster pump. These components give users more performance at a reasonable price. This is possible because each booster pump has state-of-the-art features, such as an efficient shutoff switch and an advanced inlet valve. 

Easy Installation

During the installation process, you must connect two components to a water source. After the nylon tubing is inserted, the material must be sliced with cutters; the cutting tool is included with the kit. Finally, you must insert the misting tees while securing several clamps every few feet. 

Where to Use the Product

A mid pressure misting system kit is commonly used a residential homes because it uses less energy than an air conditioner. A mist system can also provide relief at a sporting event or a festival. Most festival planners place misting fans in key locations so that guests can remain cool while they wait to see various attractions. Sports organizers use misting systems to protect attendees who sit outdoors on hot days for many hours. Without misting technology, dehydration will affect most people during major sporting events. A BBQ cookout is an ideal place to use a misting system too. If the picnic area lacks cool air, guests will feel uncomfortable while they wait for their food. Although pool parties are fun, some people may want to relax by the water. If several misting systems are used, all guests will stay hydrated.

Overall, if you need a system that provides relief on a hot summer day, the Mid Pressure Misting System Kit is highly recommended.

Each Mid Pressure Nylon Misting System Kit includes:

  • (1) 200 PSI Mid Pressure Booster Pump
  • 15' of leader line hose as well as 30' nylon misting line, 40' nylon misting line,or 50' nylon misting line
  • Filtration system (6" Inline Hexa Phosphate Filter & Feeder Hoses)
  • (.012") nozzle orifice with our 30' Kit (16 Misting Nozzles), 40' Kit (20 Misting Nozzles) or with our 50' Kit (24 Misting Nozzles)
  • All necessary hardware to install complete misting system; Including 1/4" Mounting Clamps, Slip-Lock End Plug, (2) Replacement Misting Nozzles and (2) Nozzle Plugs)
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