Residential Fog and Special Effects Kit – Mid Pressure

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Fogging Systems typically appeal to homeowners wanting to create the ultimate sanctuary to beat the summer heat. Cool-Off Residential Fogging System Kits are designed to create dramatic fogging effects for Landscapes, Fountains & Pool Decks, Hot Tubs, Waterfalls, Grottos, or anywhere you can imagine.

Our residential fogging system will create an unprecedented amount of comfort in your backyard or patio. It will use its nozzles to pump pressurized water into the air around around your backyard or patio. This way it will create what we call a "room effect": a feeling of freshness similar to air-conditioned room, right outside. While it may seem hard to believe that you can turn your outside area into an air-conditioned room, it is indeed possible with our technology that engulfs your chosen area with a curtain of cool mist that makes everyone inside that area feel comfortable. Moreover, our system cools your chosen area, such as backyard or patio, because when the moisture from our fogging system turns into vapor it cools down the area around it.

Our Residential Fog & Special Effects Kit introduces a new category to our line-up of award winning High Pressure Fogging & Effects systems by doing away with the high pressure pump for a much more affordable mid pressure fogging pump, while the nozzles, risers and fittings are exactly the same as the High Pressure systems. Cool-Off also sells special fog risers that make it quick and easy to transform your backyard into your own tropical setting. Users have the option to choose from single fog heads or triple fog heads; therefore allowing them to control the thickness of the fog as well as being able to adjust the mist in any direction. One of our most popular new products, Memory Tubes, allow you to artistically design your own personal fogging effects by bending and shaping the special tubing however you like. Choose to put them behind or inside Cactus, Plants, Rocks, and Palm Trees; the limits are virtually endless!

Our misting system is much better than the other ones you can find on the market for many reasons. First, it is more efficient and cost-effective than regular misting systems. Second, it makes far less noise and is highly affordable to everyone who owns a house. Our misting system is more affordable and efficient because its pumps are high-tech, while the pumps used in the vast majority of other misting systems are obsolete and haven't been updated in years; they make a lot of noise, and take a long time to create the cool mist.

Yet another reason you should choose our mist system is an extended warranty that covers almost every kind of malfunction you can think of. Most mist systems have a limited warranty that covers only a certain number of malfunctions. By choosing our awesome misting system you would be making a right choice that will bring your whole family an unprecedented new level of comfort.

Each mid pressure fogging kit includes:

  • Mid pressure misting system pump module (200 PSI Misting Pump)
  • 20 Premium Mid Pressure Misting Nozzles - (.012')
  • (6) 12" Triple Head Fog Risers
  • 20' Inlet 1/4" Tube with 3/4" Female Garden Hose Fitting
  • 25' Outlet Tubing 1/4" Black
  • 100' of Nylon 11 tubing (Black). Tubing can be painted to match the color of walls if desired.
  • Filtration system (6" Inline Hexa Phosphate Filter)
  • All necessary hardware to install complete fog system (Tube Cutter, (20) Rubber Mounting Clamps, Nickel Plated Slip-Lock Fittings - (4) 3/8" Elbows, (2) 3/8" End Caps, (1) 3/8" Tee)
  • (1) 3/8" - 1/4" reducer 
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