26" Cool-Off Oscillating Misting Fan (Low Pressure)

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26" Cool-Off Misting Fan (Low Pressure)

26” Oscillating Wall Mount Misting Fans by Cool-Off combine the ultimate outdoor rated, commercial strength fan with the industries most advanced misting fan kit. Each (3 speed) 26” wall mount misting fan produces 7800 Cubic Feet Per Minute on the highest setting, Oscillates at 90 Degree's and is capable of reducing surrounding temperatures by as much as 30 degrees!

Our 26” Wall Mount Misting Fans are the finest Commercial/Industrial Grade Low Pressure Misting Fan on the market. These fans are perfect for Loading Docks, Warehouses, Boat Docks and more. Each 26” outdoor rated fan is complimented by our stainless steel misting rings which uses the smallest possible brass/stainless steel tipped nozzles that will activate without the use of a mid pressure or high pressure pump. This not only assures that you have a good looking fan, but that you also receive the finest possible cone of mist out of each misting nozzle, keeping you dry and cool longer than any other Low Pressure Misting Fan on the market today. Included also, is our custom 6" Inline Hexaphosphate Filter. Installing these custom filters is essential in maintaining healthy misting nozzles and to avoid them from clogging up and developing damaging calcium buildup in years to come.

Mist, Mist, Mist!

Misting fans are all the rage, particularly during the intense heat of the summer. The twenty-four inch cool-off oscillating misting fan is a great way to keep cool.

The mist fan includes a head that oscillate one hundred twenty degrees. The easy to mount system ensures that the fan will cover every inch that needs to be cool will be cool. With three speeds to choose from, everyone will be happy. The fan produces 7800 cubic feet of air when it is put on the highest setting, keeping everything that much cooler.

This outdoor fan offer an extremely quiet fan head. While other mist fans can be loud and irritating, these fans are almost invisible. The easy set up ensures that the fan will be where it is needed most (whether it's misting the work area or spreading a cool mist over the backyard). This fan can lower the temperature by thirty-five degrees.

Included with the fan are filters to ensure the misting nozzles stay clean and clear. The filters prevent gunk from the water (like calcium) from building up inside the nozzles and preventing the mist from coming. The nozzles themselves are larger at the base and tapered to a tip. This allows the nozzles to deliver the perfect spray without a middle pump to lessen it.

The fan is easy to start up: simply connect up any hose and turn it on. Installation is also easy.  Connect the threader to the pump and zip tie the pump to the fan. Turn the hose and it's ready to go!

Keeping spaces cool is incredibly important during the summer. Whether it is keeping employees out of the hospital or keeping children entertained while working in the garden, it is worth it.

Product Details:

  • 26” Oscillating Misting Fan, 3 Speeds, Extremely Quiet
  • UL Outdoor Rated Fan
  • Perfect for Large Residential Patio's, Boat Docks and Most Industrial Facilities
  • Extremely Quiet and Easy to Wall Mount
  • 90 Degree Oscillating Fan Head
  • Lowers the Temperature up to 35 degrees with Cool-Off's Stainless Steel Misting Ring Attachment
  • Simply Connect to an Hose & Go 


  • Durable 3M Epoxy Coated Finish
  • 26”, 3-Speed Fan, Water Proof Motor (Producing 7800 CFM)
  • UL rated for indoor and outdoor usage
  • UV and rust resistant
  • Industrial Grade Aluminum Blades
  • Attached Mounting Bracket
  • (1) Cool-Off Stainless Steel Misting Ring, Including 6" Inline Hexa Phosphate Filter
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