Large High Pressure Misting Pumps 1000 PSI

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For larger mist cooling requirements we offer larger pumps to handle many fans or up to 80 nozzles on a mist line.  The beauty of our 1000 PSI misting pumps is that the mist lines do not lose pressure over distance.  What this means for you is that you can install numerous 90 degree elbows and in line tees to get the mist lines or mist fans powered perfectly in a very large area.

Our large pumps come in sizes of ½ GPM, 1.0 GPM, and 1.4 GPM. Imagine running 80 nozzles off of a single high pressure pump!  They are also user friendly, with a low pressure shut off and an inlet solenoid valve.

Without question, our pumps are as quiet as any in the mist industry.  The only maintenance required is an occasional 3 ounce oil change for long lasting chilling effects.  Our included pressure gauge allows fine turning the pressure knob a bit.

It is a great idea to send the pump in for service after two years just to assure a long happy life, much like you would treat your car after 50,000 miles.  Fortunately, these tune ups rarely exceed a nice night out on the town.

Our remote control feature is the envy of the industry,  as is the timer option, which allows a pulsation that can be in either minutes or seconds!

Of course, it is up to you to pick the right size pump for the mission. The key to a long lasting pump is sizing the pump to the flow expected.  That’s where our experts come in handy.


Pump Flow>   .25 GPM   .50 GPM   1.4 GPM
Nozzle Orifice              
.006"/.15MM   20   35   80
.008"/.20MM   15   30   70
.012"/.30 MM   12   25   50
.015"/.40 MM      10   20   40
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