Stainless Steel 15" Misting Ring Retrofit Kit

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15" Stainless Steel Misting Rings

Stainless Steel Misting Rings by Cool-Off convert regular outdoor rated wall or pedestal fans into high performance misting fans. Simply use the provided zip ties to center mount each misting ring to the front of any 20, 24, 26, 30 or 36 inch fan.


Each 15 inch stainless steel misting ring kit includes (4) misting nozzles in either .012 inch (Humid Climate) or .015 inch (Dry Climate) sizes. Each nozzle is brass/nickel plated w/anti drip bodies and stainless steel tips.


Misting Rings by Cool-Off come equipped with components for a high pressure misting fan system, however can be used in conjunction with mid pressure or low pressure system by simply using different size nozzle and the proper input fitting. High Pressure Misting Systems generally use .006 inch or .008 inch nozzles, mid pressure misting systems use .012 inch nozzles and low pressure typically use .015 inch nozzles.


Please call our toll free number about bulk order discount pricing for orders over 50 misting rings.


Misting Ring Installation & Maintenance Guide

Each Stainless Steel Misting Ring includes


  • 15" Diameter Stainless Steel Misting Ring
  • (4) Low/Mid Pressure .012" Brass/Nickel Plated Anti Drip Misting Nozzles w/Stainless Steel Tips
  • (4) Zip Ties
  • (1) Slip Lock 1/4" Tubing Adaptor for mid and low pressure
  • (1) Inline Hexa Phosphate 6" Filter
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