The Resort Cabana

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Hot summer days drive people indoors where the air conditioning is running at top speed, but Resort Cabanas bring everyone back out where the fun really is. A cabana is a structure that is designed to provide shade and protection from the elements. They are a gathering area and allow people to enjoy the summer months to their fullest. Resort Cabanas are portable and can be used nearly anywhere to protect the users from the direct rays of the sun.

Many people like to have the pool cabana so they can relax after a swim, but they are also a great addition to any garden, rooftop terrace, beach side, or any place where shade is needed. A beach cabana is a must have to keep people shaded from the sun during parties and family gatherings. Resort Cabanas have also been added to many outdoor weddings because of their attractive appearance and functionality. No barbecue party would be complete without the protection of a cabana or two.

Cool-Off provides everything cool under the sun. They pride themselves on their outstanding product lines and wonderful highly trained staff members who offer the best cooling solutions for any space. They are especially proud of their Resort Cabanas because they are constructed out of only the highest quality materials.

The Resort Cabanas are made from Sunbrella fade-free fabric that is water and UV resistant. The extra strong aluminum frame construction has a double powder coating of paint and can be anchored securely by using the square base anchoring system. The cabanas material is available in a wide range of colors to match any décor. The bigger cabanas are 10’x10’ and 12’x12’ and are perfect for larger gatherings. More intimate groups appreciate the 8’x8’ size cabanas that are especially nice for smaller areas. Cabanas draw people in and keep them there providing shade and comfort.

Cool-Off Residential Resort Cabanas are elegant residential outdoor cabanas that set up in minutes and provide years of outdoor comfort and enjoyment. These pool cabanas are made with only the highest grade Sunbrella material and top of the line components. In just minutes you can convert patio space into private confines worthy of five star resorts. Just add your outdoor furniture collection to create an inviting haven for family gatherings or private entertainment.

These outdoor cabanas were designed knowing that outdoor spaces at resorts and luxury hotels are the ultimate multi-use areas. The ability to instantly change the configuration of these areas while preserving a thoughtfully planned, elegant look is decorator dream come true. Constructed to the highest standards of durability and possessing a luxurious ambiance that traditional patio umbrella setups just can’t match, there is a pavilion to take your outdoor setup to the next level no matter what your property... hotel, resort, day spa, restaurant, country club, wedding venue, and much more.

Each pool cabana is made from Sunbrella fabric treated for water and UV resistance which compliments the aluminum frame construction with double powder coated paint . Industry-leading construction, clever design, water / UV resistant fade free fabrics, and square base plates anchoring systems protect the cabanas from high winds and inclement weather. These luxurious cabanas truly provide the ideal solution for outdoor rooms, beach cabanas, pool and spa cabanas or patio pavilions.

Cool-Off®Pool Cabana Features:

  • 2" Round Powder Coated Aluminum Frame & Fittings
  • Sunbrella Awning Grade Fabric
  • Stainless Steel Hardware
  • Square Base Plates and Mounting Hardware
  • Awning/Marine Grade Hardware
  • Mock Curtains with Tie Backs
  • Hanging Valance
  • 5 Year Frame / 2 Year Fabric Warranty Against UV Fading

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