Triangle Shade Sails

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Do you have a backyard without many shade trees or need sun protection in a large outdoor area? Sometimes the desire to relax in the yard is diminished due to the hot sun overhead. Young children and the elderly can become ill in the sun's heat, and all people should avoid prolonged exposure to the sun to ward off sun damage that can lead to skin cancer. Shade sails are a fashionable alternative to umbrellas, do not damage the ground or require a table, and can cover a larger area. 

This stylish Mocha shade sail blocks up to 95% of the sun's damaging UV rays and gives patios, porches, and poolsides a modern, sophisticated look. The beautiful sail seen here, as well as all other Cool-Off sails, does not trap heat beneath it and can cool the air temperature beneath the sail by 20 degrees. The sails are highly portable, so moving them to different areas is a breeze. Exposed, large outdoor areas can take on an even more modern look if you choose to use more than one sail, or wish to use both a triangle shade sail and a square shade sail. 

Cool-Off's resort shade sails come in four neutral colors: Royal Blue, Porcelain,Terracotta, and Desert Sand. You are sure to find the right hue for your outdoor space, as these colors go well with many landscapes and decor. The shade sail comes with an easy installation kit that includes two turnbuckles, three pad eyes, and one snap hook. All installation hardware comes in stainless steel. The colors of the shade sails are resistant to fading and are impervious to mold and mildew. The surface is easy to clean. All Cool-Off sails are protected by a three-year UV warranty on the fabric. 

Koala Cool edition Triangle Shade Sails by Cool-Off®provide ultimate shade and cooling just about anywhere. Commercial grade polymer knitted fabrics allow cool breezes to flow through and hot air to escape, keeping the environment underneath much cooler. The fabric is knitted, not woven so it won't tear or fray.

These stylish triangle shade sails are perfect for courtyards, picnic areas, play areas and patio areas, and large exposed outdoor venues.

Cool-Off®Australian Shade Sails

  • Provides up to 95% blocking against UV Rays
  • Polymer knitted fabric allows cover to 'Breathe' reducing temperatures by up to 20 degrees
  • Triangle shape design available in 10’ and 16’ sizes
  • Available in 4 designer colors (Royal Blue, Porcelain, Desert Sand, or Terracotta)
  • Easy installation mounting hardware kit includes 2 Turnbuckles, 1 Snap Hook and 3 Pad Eyes, all made from Marine Grade Stainless Steel.
  • Strong, durable, and colorfast for years
  • Completely mold and mildew resistant
  • Easy to clean
  • Protected by a 3 year fabric warranty against UV degradation

Cool-Off® Shade Technology 2015

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